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The main function of switchyard is to transmit & distribute the power at incoming voltage from the generating station and provide facilities of switching by the help of switchgears. Earlier we have explained about the various types of switchgears in our previous article.Switchyard is the point in the power network where transmission lines and distribution feeders or generating units are connected through circuit breakers and other switchgears via bus bars and transformers. Switchyard acts as interface between the power plant electrical system and electrical grid.

AIS (Air Insulated Switchyard): This is the most common type of switchyard; here the switchyard is present outside and open to the atmosphere. The high voltage lines are isolated by the air, for that reason they occupy more space as compared to the GIS.
GIS (Gas Insulated Switchyard): This type of switchyard is generally found where the space available is very less and they are generally located inside a closed room with proper isolation.

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